Krav Maga Training In Kernersville

Prepare Yourself WIth Real Wolrd Self Defense Skills During Our Krav Maga Classes

You can never be too prepared for a real world threat or violence. And with our cutting edge Krav Maga Training in Kernersville, you can combine the highest quality self-defense training with a total body workout that will help you build strength and get in great shape. 

Our Krav Maga classes at Fitness One Training Systems are all about teaching you how to effectively combat an attacker. And our exclusive training system is derived directly from Israel where Krav Maga was adopted as the primary fighting method for the Israeli Special Forces. 


Krav Maga Offers You Real World Training For Real World Situations 

Unlike a lot of martial arts, Krav Maga doesn't prepare you for competition or a black belt. It was designed to keep ordinary people safe from close combat attacks and criminals with weapons.

Krav Maga wastes no time on formalities. It's about directly combatting a threat with power and speed. Time is of the essence when you're in danger and our Krav Maga training will help you react at a moment's notice.

You can learn how to:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Respond to a threat with speed and power
  • Strike with precision to neutralize a threat

PLUS You Can Get In Great Shape In The Process

Krav Maga is truly a total body effort. And that means building strength and speed across all areas of your body. By using real world situations to help you learn core skills of this discipline, you'll work your body like never before.

You'll quickly enjoy:

  • Practical strength and agility
  • Confidence in your abilities
  • Improved focus and attention to detail

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