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Fitness and Martial Arts Classes 

Our fitness classes and boot camps are designed to offer the best possible results from each workout. Our program features the perfect balance of cardio and interval training for fat burning, and proper strength classes for toning and building lean muscle. Our schedule gives you incredible options and times of when you can train, and balances out the classes for maximum results to you!  

Fitness memberships include all regular fitness classes. Martial arts memberships include all martial arts and fitness classes.

Class Descriptions

Kickboxing fitness bag and boxing pad workout
This class features the best in bag work for burning calories and shredding fat along with the option to train and learn while getting a workout hitting the boxing mitts.

Man UP private men’s morning bootcamp
This men's only specialty class offers a great blend of strength training with flexibility, boxing and Krav Maga. This is a small group environment with awesome workouts and great camaraderie among the men as they train together. For information on getting started in this class contact Allen at 336-655-4558 Perfect for men who need motivation and accountability

Kickboxing fitness bag workout
In each kickboxing fitness bag workout you will get a minimum of 20 minutes of working the heavy bags, one of the most popular workouts at fitness one! These classes also include Circuit workouts using things like the TRX suspension trainer, the stability ball, bands body weight and much more. This is a member! Shreds up to 800 calories per class

Israeli Krav Maga self-defense fighting and fitness
Krav Maga classes are awesome! Get an incredible workout while learning the techniques and training methods of the world's most elite fighting force. Learn self defense, striking, how to defend weapons and do all of this while shredding calories and getting a great workout.  Krav Maga is one of the leading workout classes in the world

Cardio/Interval fat burning class
The perfect blend of old school cardio with new school interval and workouts for maximum fat burning. Join Olinda for Great variety that changes up greatly every week. As in every class at fitness one, you never repeat the same workout twice!  

Yoga/Pilates combo
This class puts together the best yoga poses with the core and Matt work techniques of Pilates for the perfect class to gain or enhance flexibility while building core strength.

Weight room Strength workout
These specialty strength workouts are held in the weight room and gives members the chance to train in the weight room environment but still in a classroom setting. Limit 12 per class. You must reserve a spot in advance. Gain strength and build lean muscle like never before!

Kids martial arts and krav maga
Our kids classes teach a blend of karate, krav maga, kick boxing, jujitsu and stranger danger training. Our kids learn verbal skills, how to talk down a bully or stranger and the best of modern and traditional martial arts blended together. Our class is not a daycare or a playroom, we have an awesome curriculum and we want our kids coming out of our class learning Great material and being able to handle themselves in and out of the martial arts classroom.

Sport Kickboxing pad workout
Our sport kick boxing class teaches the absolute best in the sweet science of boxing combined with the kicks of the martial arts. We also train muay thai kickboxing as well as combat kickboxing for self-defense.

ISOFIT Strength 
This is the one class each week that every member should attend! This class is based on the latest Science of strength training and gives members the chance to inrode their muscles, causing them to grow and get stronger! We highly recommend that each member trains in this class at least once per week.  OWNERS RECOMMENDATION: proper strength training is the primary key to good fitness training and speeding up the metabolism. Training this class at least one day per week will give the muscles the perfect opportunity to be stimulated to grow giving you a faster metabolism Burning more fat and getting lean. 

Womens’ Boxing pad workout
For any of the women in our program who are enrolled into martial arts or do personal training, our women's boxing pad workout refines the art of training and working with the focus mitts. Contact Allen for more information

Sizzling Seniors workout
Our seniors develop strength, enhanced balance and gain flexibility in our specialty seniors program led by fitness one owner Olinda Branch. Designed to work for all levels, our seniors put in the work and are able to do things other seniors cannot because of proper training and instruction.

Join us for a TRX suspension training workout combined with the cardio interval burnout of kickboxing on the bags. 

Ju-jitsu/Judo and submission wrestling 
Join Blaine for and incredible look in to grappling for self defense, Sport or in MMA. Blaine breaks down and refines the grappling arts for a great workout, unmatched instruction and a class favorite for all of our martial arts members.



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