Why Cant I lose weight? The Science of fat loss with Allen Branch

Why can't I lose weight? 

The answer is really simple. The gradual loss of muscle mass (slowing down your metabolism) a lack of proper movement (NOT cardio) and the over abundance of too many calories makes it tough for people to shed extra pounds. Allen Branch of Fitness One has some answers!

Fitness One Training Systems is a unique gym and workout facility that offers results based fitness classes of all kinds, proper instruction for beginners and entry level classes for all ages. Fitness One provides meal plans, support for those looking to lose weight and a 10,000 square foot facility that offers classes as early as 530am, and as late as 6:45pm each day. Classes include Kickboxing fitness, ISOfit, step, pilates based, yoga, Krav Maga, boxing classes and much more. The complete facility has fully padded flooring (to take stress off of joints and knees) 25 heavy bags for boxing and kickboxing classes and 4 training floors that house fitness classes, personal training, kids martial arts, Krav Maga and Kickboxing. 

Fitness One welcomes tours of the facility and free assessments to discuss the proper plan for each person. To learn more contact owner Allen Branch directly at 336-655-4558.

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