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Schedule Change at Fitness One

We are always making new additions to our already packed group fitness and martial arts schedule at Fitness One! Our newest addition is on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Effective this week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings:

The Israeli Krav Maga conditioning circuit will be a 15 minute specialized conditioning workout routine for Krav Maga students only starting at 630pm on the basketball floor. At 6:45pm, the class will begin on the main floor where the Krav Maga class can also benefit from having the heavy bags for striking drills and the expanded floor space to handle the growing needs of the adult krav maga program. 

The 645pm fitness and strength class will now be held in the weight room, and this super focused strength class class will be limited to 12 (pre class sign up required, and you will need to reserve/utilize your spot.) This class will begin a new series of strength training workouts that take place using the weight equipment from the weight room area, in a group style class. We have already tested this in the early mornings and it is a GREAT class format. The weight room will be closed from 645pm onward on Tuesday and Thursday night for the class. You must arrive 5-10 minutes early for set up. 

RESERVE YOUR SPOT by texting us now at 336-655-4558.

We love adding new programs and changes to our schedule! We are looking forward to this kickoff on Tuesday night!



Fitness One Training Systems is a unique gym and workout facility that offers results based fitness classes of all kinds, proper instruction for beginners and entry level classes for all ages. Fitness One provides meal plans, support for those looking to lose weight and a 10,000 square foot facility that offers classes as early as 530am, and as late as 6:45pm each day. Classes include Kickboxing fitness, ISOfit, step, pilates based, yoga, Krav Maga, boxing classes and much more. The complete facility has fully padded flooring (to take stress off of joints and knees) 25 heavy bags for boxing and kickboxing classes and 4 training floors that house fitness classes, personal training, kids martial arts, Krav Maga and Kickboxing. 

Fitness One welcomes tours of the facility and free assessments to discuss the proper plan for each person. To learn more contact owner Allen Branch directly at 336-655-4558.


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