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Fitness kickboxing provides a full-body workout that shreds calories and helps with weight loss. Kickboxing is a combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics, and encompasses a large variety of exercise types so you won’t get bored. While the workouts may be quite enjoyable and diverse, they are also very effective at providing a total-body workout that not only burns calories, but is a great stress reliever as well.

The number of calories burned per exercise session varies according to your weight, intensity level, duration of your exercise session and types of exercises performed.

Muscle and fitness rated it as burning up to 800 calories an hour!


Kickboxing weight loss programs incorporate movements from boxing, martial arts and aerobics. Some examples of the types of movements you can expect to perform when kickboxing are punches, kicks and jumps. These types of movements are performed in a series of sequences and drills, and in some cases on a punching bag

Kickboxing works all of the major muscle groups of the body, increases the heart rate, increases oxygen intake requirements, and is an excellent choice in conditioning the entire cardiovascular system.

The large number and diverse combination of muscle groups worked together in kickboxing produces a high caloric expenditure value. Kickboxing is one of the more sweaty, intense and exhaustive exercise types when compared to many of the other cardiovascular exercise routines.


At Fitness One, we provide everything you need, all you have to do is bring your gloves (we will loan you some for a trial) and we are ready to go.

Participating in an activity like kickboxing does more than just tone your muscles and work your cardiovascular system. Students must work on stretches to effectively and safely perform the workouts, so flexibility improves while participating in kickboxing. Kickboxing also helps improve balance and agility, making other activities easier to perform and injuries from muscle strains and falls less likely.

Kickboxing is also a fun activity. Many people enjoy it for the martial arts aspect without the dogma that comes with traditional forms. It is a very active, vigorous activity, and the individuals that participate are usually very enthusiastic and energetic.

For all these reasons, kickboxing is an effective weight loss program that delivers solid results. While kickboxing is enjoyable, it’s also very challenging as well. However, by continually challenging your body to perform movements that are increasingly difficult, true gains in your overall level of conditioning and fitness are achieved in a relatively short period of time.

The Kickboxing fitness program at Fitness One has been the area leader since 1995, and we offer classes in our 10,000 sq foot training center in Kernersville, NC.

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